Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why I miss being a wife

My life has been pretty crazy over the last few years since my divorce but I'm finally getting back on the right track.  Being a single parent has taught me a lot of things that I really appreciate. Not only have I learned some hard knock lessons along the way but I've also had some great experiences as well... 

I've invented a new contraption that allows me to catch dead mice...
I've made a new car purchase all by myself...
I've learned to ask for help.  I've learned to not take life so seriously.  I've learned to not judge other parents. 

 I'm so thankful for these experiences but I'm ready to move on.

 I miss marriage.  I miss having the traditional family unit.  I miss asking my husband to slow dance in the kitchen and listening to him tell me about his day after work.  I miss giving him the "special plate" because he had a tough day or got a promotion.  
I miss waking up next to someone I love....

I miss wearing my wedding ring.  

I miss acting stupid about house repairs..

I miss folding down the covers on his side of the bed 

(my daughter's unicorn doesn't appreciate my attentiveness)

I miss putting out his coffee cup in the morning. 

I miss being in the passenger's seat and not being in charge every single minute.

 I miss going to church and having someone by my side.  I miss celebrating anniversaries and finding clever ways to say I love you.

I miss the comfort of knowing someone so well and having them know everything about you...the good the bad and the ugly.

I miss knowing that someone is thinking of me even when we can't see each other... 

Life is crazy sometimes and we all experience loneliness in different capacities throughout our lives.  I know that someday I will meet Mr. Right (hopefully soon!) but until then 
I will hold onto my sense of humor and enjoy learning about the only person that can truly make me

Monday, July 28, 2014

Motivational Monday

Welcome to a new week of Motivation Monday! Last week, 187 links! were shared at Motivation Monday. That’s pretty amazing.
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why every parent needs to make a video with their kid on vacation

Vacations are such a special time in a child's life.  If you are like me, some of my fondest memories are from family vacations when I was a kid.  But we all know that those amazing trips come and go and we're only left with a few fleeting memories. How cool would it be if you had a YouTube channel from your childhood that would allow you to remember all those great times?  If your worried about privacy, have no can easily mark your videos private on YouTube.  Simply create a YouTube channel, upload your videos to YouTube (easy option from Iphones and Androids) then erase from your phone so you have more storage for recording more awesome memories!
Do I have you convinced?

Here are some ideas to make your videos awesome...

1.  Create a "How to" video with your child.  Children love to teach others something that they know.  Why not allow them to create a how to video about fishing, gymnastics, catching crabs, or building a sandcastle?
2.  Interview your child.  Children LOVE's an interview I recently made with my 5 year old CLICK HERE.  Make sure you ask unique questions like, "what do you think is on the other side of the ocean", "how many crabs do you think you can eat?", "how much money do you think an ice cream cone costs?" or "what's the worst/best part about vacation"  You may be surprised at the hilarious answers!
3.  Play around with editing features.  If you have a newer Iphone, you can play around with the slo-mo feature ( a mode next to the camera and video options) Here's a clip of a video I made with the girls at our local fair a few weeks ago.  I love how it captures their excitement! Good Neighbor Day Fair.

Making videos are not only fun to create on vacation but they will be a special treasure you can keep for years to come!

What my kids are lovin'

I don't know why kids love this so much but they do!! ENJOY!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fashion Friday! Inspiration from Buckingham Palace

Leaving a legacy of kindness

What kind of legacy do you want to leave on this world?

If I were to pick my legacy, I would want others to say that I was kind, loving, and passionate person.  I don't need to save lives or be a Mother Teresa, but I want to be known by my little gestures.  I want to be someone that touches people's hearts and is a good listener.
How often do you have the opportunity to help other people?  We go on living our busy lives forgetting that so many people are hurting-the person in the check out line in front of you, the mother that didn't hold the door for you while she was rushing into preschool, maybe even the Pastor of your church the seems to have it all together.  What can we do to help those people? How can you make a difference in this world?  When will we realize that this life is bigger than just ourselves.  There are times when I become so self centered that I don't even take the time to ask someone what's on their mind, if they are OK, or how I can help them.  We think people are out to get us and take everything personally.  We get so wrapped up in our own lives and problems that we don't simply take a moment to question what's going on in someone else's life.  We worry about the legacy we leave on Facebook or how we look on Linked In but what about the legacy on

When someone in your life gets angry, why not take a moment to ask them if they are OK?  Why not ask someone if they need anything from the grocery store to church or drop off a meal to someone who is struggling?  It doesn't take much time to make someone smile and make this world a better place.  What legacy are you leaving behind?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Best Tips For Family Workouts

1.  Present with enthusiasm
2. Make it fun and engage
3.  Let your child be the leader