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Eat. Sleep. Be.
Jessica Cohen and I have a lot in common.  If you like my blog then chance are you will want to follow Jessica as well.  She makes giving back fun and has great ideas for living a life of gratitude.

A Life in Balance
Barbara Hoyer is amazing.  She somehow manages to juggle

My Mommy Manual
 My mommy manual is an awesome resource for any parent who wants to live a simple and healthy lifestyle and also hold onto your own identity.

She is Lola
A great blog from a mom who writes about the United States Marine Corp family in addition to juggling her twin children and pursuing a love of baking!

Belly Button Boutique
Karla is a mom who struggled with her pregnancies and offers ideas, tips, and products to make pregnancy easier!

Frugal Family Blog
This lady is AMAZING with her simple, clever, and really cool craft ideas with your little ones!


I have learned so much from my networking through Philly Social Media Group

Also, I love Phoenixville Fun Guide and Chester County Moms  Both of these sites are great resources for activities with your little ones and great resources for moms!