Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why I love all of you!!!

I love my readers! Really, I do!  My inspiration, ideas, and motivation comes from all of you! Every day I read your struggles, thoughts, and triumphs and every day I'm so amazed at all you do!
Motherhood is such a challenge but so many of you handle it with skill and grace and motivate me to be a better mom!  Allow me to be your mirror and see how wonderful you really are! Smile and know that your loved....by me!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Accomplish Your Family Goals

Guided imagery is an amazing tool for creating the life you want. Research has proven again and again that our imagination can help us build our own realities. What is that you want? What kind of family do you want to have? When you are old and sitting on a rocking chair, what kind of family to you want to come visit you?

Do you think it sounds sound corny or silly? Maybe, but chat with some athletes that have won races, people who have overcome illnesses, or people who have lost a lot of weight and you will quickly learn that guided imagery is a powerful tool. Whether these people realize it or not, they have used guided imagery (in some form or another) to attain the goals they have set. In other words, they become the person they want to be.

Can we turn our worries into dreams?
I am a women, therefore I worry (I think it goes along with the territory!) but I really think that worries can be our own worst enemy. Don't get me wrong, listening to our intuition (and taking time to listen to what is best for us is a good thing) but when these thoughts of doing what's best turn into worries, it really doesn't help us and instead drags us down; preventing success.
Instead, if we take the time to listen to our intuition, then visualize the life we want we will inevitable (almost effortlessly) create the life we want. It's SIMPLE. If you believe in yourself and take baby steps you will be moving in the direction of your goals and dreams.
Are you ready to make it happen? Try these simple steps one or 2 times a day (or whenever you want!) and watch your dreams become a reality.

1. Picture your family doing the things that you wish would change (ex. fighting, sadness, or illness).

2. Next, picture yourself throwing that picture away.

3. Create a new family portrait in your imagination with the family that you wish to become.
4. Take baby steps to move toward that image.

Interested in learning more about guided imagery? Check this out: www.holisticonline.com/guided-imagery.htm

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coping with Challenging Times

I am currently going through an extremely challenging time in my life.  When you are raising little ones  a challenging time can really put you over the edge.....IF you let it.  But what if you don't? What if you feel the pain, cry, talk to friends, and find the strength to overcome these enormous obstacles? 

For me, having faith is the most important tool I can use to get through challenging times.  Knowing that God has a plan for me helps me to relax a little and let go.  Also, creating a support system full of loving friends makes these times 'bareable'.  Taking care of myself by going on an anti depressant medication, working out regularly, talking to a therapist, and eating healthy also helps me to be physically able to fight the hard fight. 

We all have obstacles-some bigger and some smaller but how can we grow and learn from these challenges to be a better person and a better parent? How do you find strength during challenging times?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Managing Your Household Effectively as a Stay at Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom is definitely not an easy job! One thing that I find extremely helpful as a stay at home mom is to view my stay at home status as a profession. The word profession is defined as a job that has duties and results in a payment or a return of some kind. Technically, if I wasn't at home with our daughter, we would be paying for childcare so, I am being reimbursed in the big picture.  Also, stepping out of my role as a mom and stepping into a role as a teacher helps me stay grounded and focused.

When I view my role as a stay at home mom as a job, I am better able to handle stresses and stay 'professional' (or not react emotionally to stressful situations). I know that the word professional sounds weird but it is really important to not take things personally and stay focused on the responsibilities at hand. As much as I love being able to give my daughter hugs and kisses all the time (and I do!) it's nice to also step away and just do my job!  Next, any CEO of a successful company will tell you that organization is very important. Your home is no different and needs to have systems, goals, and rewards.

Set Measurable Goals
Having goals as a stay at home mom can help you to stay focused and happy.  Every organization needs measurable goals and your job is no different.  Having a schedule that refects your goals is VERRRY important.  This will help you and your children stay focused and allow your children to understand what is coming next. 

Create a support system for yourself.

Having a active support system is SOOOO important and is so often overlooked! In any job setting, people have mentors, supervisors, and coworkers...you should too! Set yourself up with a friend that you respect and admire to talk to often.  Make sure you set up times to talk to them about issues and struggles or just listen as they go through the same things you do. I am really big on scheduling (on the calendar) 'moms night out' or dinners with a friend at LEAST once every 2 weeks...this can really be a sanity saver!

Take a Personal Day

Do you work hard during the day? Do you accomplish most of your goals?  Do you keep a happy healthy home? If yes, then you should have no guilt about taking a day to yourself!  Every job has personal days and you should too!  Make it happen!

Get out of your sweatpants

Every office has a dress code to make people appear and feel professional. There's an old saying that says you should "dress the part" if you want to succeed at something. What if styling your hair, putting on make up, and getting out of your slippers made you feel better about yourself? Maybe it could improve your confidence and your productivity?
Picture yourself as the person you want to become. If being a stay at home mom is something you truly want, take the time to create the role you wish to attain and set yourself up with all the tools you need to make it happen!  You can do it!