Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TODDLER TUESDAY! Check Out One of My Favorite Sites!

There are days when I wonder, "What is with this child?!?!" 
Toddlers go through so many stages and learn so many things at a rapid pace.  Understanding what is normal is very helpful in order to cope with these difficult behaviors and know how to deal with it.  When your in the trenches, it often feels as if the problem is impossible to deal with and your child is unusual.  In fact, the difficult behaviors is part of toddlerdom.  I love the website Parents.com.  They have a Toddler Tracker feature http://www.parents.com/app/childTracker/?month=21 which provides short glimpses at the milestones and difficulties that most toddlers encounter based on their specific age (a few months at a time).  I find taking a moment to read these facts helps me to remember that Sienna is not unruly, instead she's doing what most toddlers are doing.  Knowing these facts help me to be more understanding and patient as a parent!

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