Sunday, July 17, 2011

Simple Sunday! Ice Cream Sunday!

Of course this special holiday would fall on a SUNDAE! 
Who doesn't love ice cream especially on a hot summer day?!  Check out this great way to have fun with your kids and also challenge their math skills!

Take a Survey:
Have your kids take a survey of their friends and family using some of these questions (or create their own!)  Knock on neighbors doors (if you feel comfortable) or call some friends and family on the phone.   
1.  What's your favorite flavor?
2.  Do you prefer water ice, gelato, or popsicles?
3.  Do you prefer your ice cream in a cone (if so, what kind) or a dish?
4.  Do you like soft ice cream or hard ice cream?
5.  What do you think is the most popular flavor of ice cream? (see trivia below)
6.  Do you prefer Rita's or Dairy Queen?
7.  Make up your own questions!!

After taking the survey, your kids can ave some fun with the results.  If your child is young they can add up the tally.  If they are older, they can have them do a prediction, add up the tallies, graph the results, and come up with conclusions. 
Impress your family and friends with some fun ice cream trivia! 
  • National ice cream day was started by Ronald Reagan in 1984
  • An average of 50 licks is needed to down a single-dip ice cream cone
  • The average American eats about five-and-a-half gallons of ice cream each year
  • Here's the order of America's favorite flavors:
    • 1st-Vanilla
    • 2nd-Chocolate
    • 3rd-Cookies ‘n cream
    • 4th-Strawberry
    • 5th-Chocolate Chip Mint 
  • Ice cream is basically just frozen milk and sugar
  • Children ages 2 through 12 and adults over age 45 eat the most ice cream
Author’s note: Information provided by the International Dairy Foods Association,

Want some more ideas to celebrate this fun holiday?  Send some online ice cream cards or watch this fun ice cream video (my daughter LOVES this song!).  Finally, don't forget to visit your local ice cream shop for some fun celebrations (and maybe even some freebies!)

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