Monday, April 28, 2014

Take your child to work day...

As you all know, I've recently made the transition from being a stay at home mom to being a working mom! SO, I was BEYOND exciting when I could participate in 'take your child to work day'! 

We only did a half day....

but we had a blast!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is working from home with children a good idea?

There seems to be this superhero image of parents who work from home….they appear to be able to juggle it all, not have to pay for childcare, and still be home with their kids…but to be honest working full time and being home with your kids sounds unrealistic and exhausting.  How is that possible? What’s the cost?  Are your kids really happy that your home with them if your constantly asking them to be quiet or putting them in front of the t.v?  What are your thoughts?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Recovering Drama Queen

Ok...I admit it...
I'm a recovering drama queen...

I used to get swept up in the latest drama.... and I still catch myself getting caught up in gossip (or even sometimes spreading gossip myself!)...but I don't like it.  I don't like it one bit.

When I hear a headline story about “a train crash with dead bodies still screaming for help” I admit I sometimes click on these heart wrenching stories but then I start to feel really sad and upset….but some people love hearing these stories.  I don’t understand. I know these people are not bad people so why do they get such a thrill from hearing about these tragedies?  Why do people watch the news every day and talk about the latest tragedies.

When I got separated, and started writing about my feelings about divorce my readers/views DOUBLED then as my life started getting better, many of those people faded.  So, why is that we are so attracted to drama?  While I think that our minds natural gravitate towards something that is exciting, don’t people get that sad feeling and begin worrying about the people affected by these tragedies?  Have we lost our sense of empathy? About a year ago, someone posted a picture of a vehicle flipped over on a road near me.  The vehicle looked like my ex husband’s vehicle (which was carrying my 2 children at the time) and I was more than horrified for the next 45 minutes until I found out it was not his car. 

I realize that to be an active member of society it’s necessary to read things that are not always pleasant.  I force myself to stay current on the latest news even though it’s not always what I want to hear.  But, my question remains, why? Why do we like drama so much? Why can’t we focus on the good things life has to offer? Why can't we focus on each others strengths instead of tragedy?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


How to be a successful single parent...or not

single parenting

Are you wondering how to be a successful single parent?  Well, the first question is how do you define success? Having happy kids?  Being happy yourself?  Being able to pay your bills?  Having a good career?  Remarrying?  

Having a clear definition of success is extremely important because otherwise we’re just going through the motions…paying our bills, changing diapers, cleaning, working, helping our mom, going  out to dinner, etc….you can begin to feel like a robot...and we all feel that sometimes....but what is it that you REALLY WANT??

Being a single parent is similar to a wheel barrow.  One parent represents the tiny wheel holding a lot of weight on top and wobbling around like crazy.  Paying the household bills with one income is hard for both parents and trying to juggle kids with only 2 hands is impossible at times.   So, how do we do it and can we be successful???? Here are a few ideas that have helped me....

1    1. Define success.  Take 5 minutes right now to write down what you want your life to look like.

2.      2. Ask for help.  It takes a village to raise children and you’re being selfish if you think that your child only needs you.  Your child needs a variety of support, ideas, and encouragement and your delusional if you think you can do it all.  If you’re telling me that you do not have any help.  STOP!  You're just giving me an excuse.  Make friends that will help you, go to a church, or find a way to afford babysitting a few hours here and there.

3.      3. Stop being a victim.  Let’s be real.  It’s understandable that you’re angry but you’re the one in charge of your life.  You may have anger at your ex but the real anger is because you are not happy with where your life is right now and your ex is an easy target.  Believe me, I've been there!!

 .    4.  Practice gratitude.  Maybe your life is not where you wanted it to be when you dreamed of growing up and having a cute little family with a picket fence...but drowning in your sorrow is not going to move you forward.  Write down 10 things every day that are great in your life. Remember, it could always be worse!