Friday, January 27, 2012

Great Lesson to Help our Children Turn Frustration into Empathy

My daughter Sienna is a very sensitive kid. Her anger seems to trigger more than most kids so I feel like I'm constantly trying to figure out whether to redirect, ignore, or give consequences to her explosive can be exhausting!  Although she is a normal kid, I realize that the more I see her sensitivity as a good thing the easier it is to understand her behaviors and figure why she is acting out. 
Here is a story about a kid who overcame one of his frustrations by doing something positive.  Take a look!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Let's face it....
parenting is a lot of hard work and is often challenging...
 but don't forget to

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Creative Parenting Tricks

 You know those times when your child says something to you that may be appropriate but is on the fence of being disrespectful? Kids are great manipulators and they like to see what they can get away with (even though it may be disrespectful). Here are three questions to ask your kids which will empower your kids without drawing a line in the sand!

1. TODDLER: Mommy, I want it now!!!"
    PARENT: "I'm not sure why you are talking that way?"
2. GRADE SCHOOL CHILD: Mom, you don't know anything!!"
    PARENT: "O.k...let's start this conversation over again. Let's turn this around!" Now stand up, turn around and sit back down again (and have your child do the same thing!)  
3. CHILD: "My teacher is an idiot! She doesn't know anything!"
    PARENT: "Hmmm...what would you do if YOU were a teacher and YOU were trying to teach your students and they wouldn't listen to you?"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I packed my husband's suitcase for his business trip! Do you think he will make it through security?