Friday, May 6, 2011

Focus Friday: Letting Go

As a stay at home mom, I sometimes find myself being a control freak! I admit it!  However, being a confident mom and not being a "nag" is something that is important to me as a mom, wife, and daughter.  Also, allowing others to be who they are frees me to focus on things that important to me.

Here's what helps me to let go...

1. Setting Boundaries...If there's an issue that is really bothering me (not the dirty towel that is left on the floor every morning!)  then I sit down and discuss it with the person.  Since it's something important to me, I am careful to think about how to approach the issue and when to discuss it.  Then I state my expectations and negotiate if there's room for negotiation (be reasonable!) 

2.  Shutting up... Yes, it's that simple! When I find myself wanting to tell my husband what to feed Sienna or how I wash her in the bathtub, I remind myself to let go and trust that he is a good husband and may have an even better method.  Even though I think that I am helping by saying how I do things, it often sends a message that I know everything and that I can't trust him.  This is a message that can be derogatory toward someone that is trying to help me.  Putting faith in others and letting them be who they are is important in any relationship esspecially those closest to me.

3.  Going to church....Going to church reminds me that I can't control everything and certain things are out of my hands.  Trusting in God helps me to be in the moment and feel confident in what may happen next.

What helps you let go??

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