Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Ensure Your Kids are Getting Enough Sleep

We like to complicate things in our lives but the truth is life can be simple!  One thing we often overlook when it come to problems with our children is sleep deprivation.  Getting enough sleep is the #1 thing we can do to help our children be successful in school and life.  Sleep deprivation literally clouds our thinking and keeps us in an altered state.
So, when our children are struggling (poor grades, fighting with friends, isolation from activities, etc.) remember that sleep deprivation is often the trigger for these problems and it is an easy thing to rule out when you are trying to find the problem.  Here's a guide to make sure your child is getting enough sleep...

If you don't think your child is getting enough sleep (on a regular basis) than make some changes to ensure this doesn't happen.  Here are a few ideas to get you started...
1.  No t.v or cell phones in room your child's bedroom
2.  Adhere to a strict bedtime.  If 9pm is the latest bedtime you'll accept for your children then start the process at 8:15 or 8:30-that way there's some room for negotiations ;) They can always unwind in bed with a book or magazine.

Did You Take Care of Yourself Today?

You fed your kids, watered your plants, fed your dog, went to work, paid your bills, had sex with your hubby....and now you feel empty?
Maybe it's time to take care of yourself.... go to the gym, go out to dinner with a friend, and for God's sake, get a good night's sleep!
Get over yourself! You're not a machine and you don't have super powers!!
Slow down and take care of yourself...we teach others how we want to be treated so if you want to be given a break, a back rub, or a night others your worthy of a break!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Sister Site-Tickles and Two Families

Tickles and Time Outs now has a new sister site, Tickles and Two Families
This new site is a resource for single parents going through seperation and/or divorce.  While I am honest about the struggle and hardships I am going through (such as making the facebook announcement and trying to order take out then realizing there's a minimum order amount!), I also share what I've learned to make life easier and happier along the way.  This is a journey...come along!

Embracing the moment!

I love this little girl!!
Two minutes after this picture was taken, I began getting frustrated with Sienna for taking too long to head out the door when I suddenly realized she was trying to make a sign too! Of course, after I realized what she was doing I felt like a big about embracing the moment!!
Thank you Sienna for teaching me to slow down and enjoy life!
Here's the sign she made me!  Then, she asked me to hold it up while she took my picture!