Friday, February 21, 2014

If You Give A Mom A Snow Day...

*Taken from If you give a mouse a cookie*

If you give a mom a snow day…

She will be happy...

She will want her camera to take those cute pictures of the kids in their winter gear…



She may even frolic with the kids in the snow and make snow angels.

...Catch snowflakes on her tongue with the kids, and serve yummy hot chocolate to warm the kids up (with little marshmallows floating around).

If you give a mommy 2 snow days,

She will want an extra cup off coffee to go with it.

Her children will ask to go play in the snow again.  She will sigh but put on a smile and help them build a snowman and take them sledding.   She may even fill the squirt bottles with the colored water to make designs in the snow from the ideas she saw on Pinterest.

If you give a mommy 3 snow days,

She will start to lose her patience. 

 She will begin to bundle up her children for the frigid temps so they can play in the snow in which they often start whining after 5 minutes because their hands are frozen and they are miserable.

If she gives her kids mismatched gloves, she will hope that her friends won’t notice how bad of a mom she is for sending her kids in the show with mismatched gloves when she posts on Facebook.  Going on Facebook will remind her that she really should check the school closings one more time to see if there’s a change in the school closings.  Listening to the school closings will remind her that she really needs a glass of wine.

If you give a mom 4 snow days,

She will begin to yell as she runs the dryer 5 times to dry all the wet clothes the kids wore outside.  Running the dryer will remind her that her electric bill is going to be high this month, which will remind her that she really needs to get to work but can’t because the day care is closed.  The day care being closed will remind her that she really needs a glass of wine.

 If you give a mom 5 snow days…

She will begin to go insane.

She will begin cleaning all the messy, salt covered floors for the 15th time.  Cleaning the messy floors will remind her that she should just keep the kids inside and do some baking.  Doing some baking will make her feel guilty because she ends up eating everything she bakes.  Eating everything she bakes will remind her that she really needs to go on a diet.

And chances are…

If you give her ANOTHER snow day…she will want a bottle of wine to go with it.