Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Helping Children Through Divorce

There's no getting around it...divorce is very challenging, especially when children are involved.  But many well rounded, happy, and successful people evolve from a broken family. SO, how is it done? I found a great article from offers some great ideas and tools for parents who are trying to make divorce as easy as possible on their children.  Many parents struggle with trying to keep their differences with their spouses separate from their relationship with their children.

Recently, many celebrities are appearing to be "happily divorced" and appear to make the best of the situation.  What can these celebrities teach us?  Well, we know they think twice before talking badly about each other in public (no trash tweeting) and they manage to find the things that they like about each other and make the best of those attributes.  Courtney Cox and David Arquette work together on the set and off the set as a team. Are they perfect? No, of course not! Divorce is not easy and everyone makes mistakes but from what it looks like, they know how to work together despite their divorce.

Are you a step mother in a blended family? Dating or marrying someone who has been divorced and has children can be very challenging as well.  Here are some websites that may help you with some of your challenges..

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