Monday, December 3, 2012

5 Reasons Why You're NOT Better than Other Moms!

1.  That mother you saw on Facebook at the restaurant while her child next to her was also on Facebook was actually playing words with friends, an interactive game with her daughter on their phones. 
2.  That mother you saw bragging about being a stay at home mom and doing everything PERFECT(including all those damn elf on the shelf activities...does she really need to post EVERY picture?!) She is actually miserable and pretending like her life is better than it really is.  She is doing the best she can.
3.  That mother that you saw working all those hours while her child is in daycare spends TRUE quality time with her children when she is home and really appreciates EVERY moment while she works her butt off to provide nice things for her children.
4.  That mother you saw going through the fast food drive through AGAIN never buys junk food at the grocery store and always makes her children eat healthy food at the dinner table.
5. That mother you saw yelling at her child in Target never had parents who taught her discipline, healthy boundaries, and respect and although she loves her children she has no idea what a healthy family looks like.


  1. Well stated. I often hear mothers projecting superiority over other mothers based on a single observation. Nice perspective.