Monday, July 29, 2013

10 Things Every Single Guy Should Know About Their Online Dating Profile

1.  You know that little box that says 'What age range range your interested' in your profile? Yeah, well we look at that  and if you’re 'interested in' women that are more than 10 years younger than you, first you grossly overestimate your “punt coverage” (and I do mean gross). Secondly, we question your intentions and will probably not even look at your profile.

2.   We look at pictures and what's in the background too.  Think about what is behind you in your pictures because we assume it’s your house and look to see if your house is clean. :)

3.       If you don’t have a picture, we assume you’re married (or hiding something).

4.       Nice girls don’t care about the car you drive (which you don’t state in your profile but sneak it into your pictures) but we do notice that your insecure enough to try to sell yourself by your extravagant lifestyle.

5.       The first few sentences of your “about you” tell us what’s most important to you.  If you write about how important chemistry is in the first few sentences of your profile then we stop reading and assume you prioritize looks over other important things.

6.       We get a million emails/winks/favorites/views and if you don’t grab our attention we will probably skip right over you.

7.       Just because we have “viewed you” does not mean that we want to date you.  Be Real.

8.       If you are over 30 and have never been married, you better have a good reason in your profile or we’re going to assume you have issues-not saying you do, that’s just what we assume.

9.       You can say that you’re outgoing and generous but why not write about what you actually do with you time? If you say your funny, why not say something funny to show your sense of humor?

10.   EVERY guy says that they don’t want drama in their profile.  It’s pretty funny actually!  You are looking for a woman, right?


  1. I feel like I comment on all your blog posts, which are always well written. Having tried this in the past, I will say I understand what you mean. However, a lot of women are disingenuous on there as well. Some of the things you said definitely explain why I never got much interest on there. It's a shame that a few of those things are, especially being over 30 and having never been married. One big mistake I made was to only reach out to people who replied to me. But I quit the online scene rather than reach out on my own. It is tough enough dealing with rejection, to then to be pigeon holed by the online community for being genuine while most guys are scammers. Best of luck in your quest.

  2. I just saw this Craig! Sorry for the late reply! Yes, its a jungle out there for sure and I sure as heck haven't got anything out there! I'm sure someone could do an article on all the reasons I was not a dating pick! I did it to be funny more than anything! Thanks for the compliment and comment!!