Saturday, November 1, 2014

VIDEO! How I teach kindness (and have fun) at the dinner table

Looking for ways to have fun at the dinner table with your little ones? Want to encourage kindness, sharing, and gratitude while enjoying family time? If so, you will love our game called "What I like about you..." During this game, each person tells another person 2 things that they like about them.  It's a simple game but my kids LOVE it (and so do I)! 

Another way that we make dinnertime fun is to use the

We use this special plate all the time and I love the way that my kids get excited about it!  We often take turns and give it to guests that we have for dinner. I think it's a great opportunity to teach manners, gratitude, and kindness while spending quality time with each other!

OK, now it's your turn! Tell me fun things you do at your dinner table! Can't wait to hear!

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