Monday, January 17, 2011

Letter to Parents

If your kids could clearly articulate their thoughts and emotions, they would probably write a letter like this....

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

It's tough to be a kid sometimes.

When you talk about adult issues, I get overwhelmed and feel anxiety. I don't understand all that talk and I worry. When you are watching news or things like Supernanny, I feel scared hearing screaming, yelling and mean faces.

I know I create a lot of messes but I am a kid after all. I need your time and patience. When there are many toys available to me, I assume that I am allowed to play with all of them (and make a mess). Please take just a few toys out for me (and something that I haven't played with in a while is a huge plus!) If I take too many out, can you please help me put some back since I get so tired and overwhelmed?

I like rules. Rules let me know what I am allowed do and what I am not allowed to do. I get confused when you sometimes give me consequences and then sometimes you don't. I don't really know what's OK and what is not OK when you're not consistent. I know I cry when I have a punishment but I really appreciate how it helps me to understand (in a clear way) that I did not make a good choice.

I know there are times when I get frustrated...but please try not to yell at me. When you hover over me and yell I feel like you don't respect me and I tune you out. It just doesn't work.

I get tired easily. Sometimes you expect a lot from me. I don't mean to get whiny and fussy when I'm tired but sometimes I need you to remind me that I need a nap and put me down (even though I say I want to play!)

I need your time to play with me. I get bored easily. I know I can't have all your time but I do need some time with you throughout the day. If not, I will act out because I really want some attention from you.

It hurts my feelings if you tell me I'm bad. I'm really not a bad kid, even though I sometimes make bad choices. I want to be good and make you smile.

Sometimes I don't understand when you give me explanations of why I shouldn't do something. Just telling me "no" in a firm voice (different from your normal voice) gets my attention and lets me know I did something wrong. This is easy for me to understand since I get overwhelmed when your trying to explain all kinds of stuff to me.

Even if I pull away or say "yuck!", I really do love your hugs and kisses so please never stop showing me affection!


Your little one


  1. I like your comment about watching the news and other grown up shows in front of kids. I've stopped turning on the news when my first son was about one year old. It was about this time that he started to watch it too and was frightened when they showed people fighting or house fires. You can't even turn on the news nowadays without hearing "mature" words like sex, rape, assault, murder, etc. words that I am not ready to explain to my children when they ask what they mean. I don't mean to shelter my children but, there are some things that they do not need to worry about...they have the rest of their lives to worry!

  2. Very true Jackie! Thanks for the comment!!