Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Fun!

Getting cabin fever?! Friday marks the halfway point through winter, so hang on....Spring is on it's way!

Groundhog Day Fun
Groundhogs Day can be great fun for toddlers! Check out these fun activities you can do with your kids to engage them and participate in this fun holiday! 


What you need:
A dark room
Flashlight or a night light (or anything that lights up!)

This game is simple!  Turn out the lights and take out a flashlight (or any light source) and play with shadows.  Use your hands and fingers to make animals on the wall!  Another idea?  Does your child have a light projector that you used on their crib when they were a baby?  This can be a great toy in a dark room (especially if your child hasn't seen it in a long time!) 


What you need
-Brown paper bag
-Any embellishments (markers, googly eyes, yarn, etc)

If your toddler is a bit older, you can make a ground hog puppet with a brown paper bag and then play with the shadows.  This project can be as simple or clever as you want it to be! Enjoy!

 Chinese New Year Fun
The Chinese celebrate the Chinese new year on Wednesday.  It's a huge celebration where even the kids get in on the fun....so why can't American kids have some fun too?? 
They can!  This holiday is fun, festive and lively!  Did you know each year a child is born represents an animal in the Chinese culture? This is a great chance for your child to learn about animals!
Check out this website for some great coloring printouts and some cool games

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