Saturday, August 27, 2011


You're stuck inside during the storm and wondering how you're going to keep the kids occupied?  Have no fear!  Here are some cool games to keep them busy!!!
1. Create a crossword puzzle Using weather related words, create a crossword puzzle.  Then, ask someone to find the words that are hidden.  Remember, your kids can either find the words or make the puzzle himself!
2.  Surf the net.  Storms can be really exciting!  Surf the internet for some fun weather related facts and videos! Here's a cool site
3.  Play the Name Game.  This game can be fun for adults and children!  The first person picks a name of a famous celebrity like Michael Jackson.  The next person must say the name of a celebrity that starts with the first letter of the last name such as Jessica Simpson.  The next person would say a name that started with S and so on...that's it!  Enjoy!
4.  Flashlight games.  If your stocked up on batteries and the power goes out, you can play flashlight tag or make shadows with your hands!  Make sure you have plenty of battery life so you don't compromise your safety!!!!
5.  Eat Ice Cream.  If the power goes out for extended periods of time, there is a dangerous chance that your ice cream will melt so make sure you enjoy some yummy treats!!

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