Thursday, January 22, 2015

What Can We Learn from Men about Parenting?

Men often get a bad rap when it comes to parenting (and homemaking) but the truth is we can learn a lot from them!

Not everyone is born knowing how to play with kids.  Just because you don't always know how to relate to kids (or play with them) doesn't mean you're not a good parent.  Sometimes, we just need to step out of the box and learn a magic trick, make a funny dance or take silly selfies on your phone with your kids.
*If you want more ideas about playing with kids...check out How to get kids to play games with you

2.  COMPARTMENTALIZE.  I think the biggest thing we can learn from men is how to compartmentalize and be in the moment.  Men don't often hold resentment, juggle 10 things, stay up at night trying to perfect a situation, or try to be a rock star every moment!  It's ok to not make everything on Pinterest or make $5 from consignment. Sometimes we need to cut our losses.

If you're in Target with your 2 year old and she throws a tantrum, don't worry about what everyone else is thinking.  Do what you need to do and have a sense of humor about it.  All parents have experienced this at one time or another.  Chances are everyone is thinking "been there" not "she's a horrible mother!"  By the way, those thoughts that say "You're a bad mom"should never come into you're brain! You need to always tell yourself you're an awesome mom, even if you make a mistake!! Be kind to you mama!! 

Men don't take things to heart when their child says "I hate you" or "you're the meanest Dad in the world" so why do moms? 99% of the time children say these things as an attempt to manipulate and get in the drivers seat and often we allow it to pull on our heart strings.


  1. Fantastic post, Toni! My dh is really good about getting silly with the kids.

    1. Thanks Barb!! Yes, we need to get silly sometimes, right?!