Thursday, January 15, 2015

Clever ways to tell your FAMILY you're pregnant've told Daddy, now it's time to tell the world you're preggo! CONGRATS!!!
I know, I want to run to Facebook right now and scream it to the world but wait just a minute young don't get to do this many times in your life so let's make it awesome and have some fun! OK?

If you're feeling cutsie, this idea would be perfect!

Check out this funny way to announce baby #2

Looking for simple and cute? This will do the trick!

Why not make a video? This would take a lot of time and effort but it's so freakin' cute! You HAVE to watch it!

Looking for something a bit sentimental? This will be PERFECT!

If you're a 'DIY girl' or maybe 'shabby chic' describes you..
check out what the Dating Divas put together...

Looking for more ideas about pregnancy and parenting?? 
Join our Pregnancy, newborns, and babies group on Pinterest....I'm telling're gonna love it!

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  1. Love all the creative ideas out there. We did a photo announcement and actually just today did a gender announcement. Everyone expects it of me... Scrapbooker haha and it's so true you don't get many chances. This might be my last!