Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 Ways to Live the American Dream

What is your American dream?  A white picket fence? Shutters and cute little window boxes with a perfectly clean car in the driveway? 
The problem is that if our dream is something materialistic we are often going to be let down.  The shutters will need to be replaced, the car will get dirty, and the white picket fence will start getting shabby. SO, what can we focused on to really truly be happy?  We can focus on EXPERIENCES.  If we focus on the quality of our conversations, the amount of laughter, and how we feel when we do something productive than we will be truly living the American dream. 

1.  Do something that makes you happy every day
2.  Work hard and play hard
3.  Get down on your child's level and show them you like them and want to learn more about them
4.  Pay your bills and feel good about it
5.  Set goals and make them happen

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