Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quality Time with Our Children

I called my friend the other day to chit chat and she told me that she couldn't talk at the moment because she had promised her son that she would play choo choo with him.  This made me wonder, how many people prioritze quality time with their children? I admit, there have many times that I've taken that call when I should have been playing with my daughter.
Here's the thing.  We spend most of your time cleaning the house so our children have a clean home, working so we can pay the bills to keep a nice home for our children, paying bills so the electric is on, and cooking so our children have healthy food to eat.  It can seem to us that we are spending all our time helping our children but young children are not capable of understanding the big picture.  Instead, they only understand the quality time we spend with them.  If you're clever you can combine some of these tasks with spending time with your children such as making the grocery store fun and having them participate or allow them to "help" clean (even if they are making it more challenging) but whatever you do...don't forget to spend quality time with them....water the plants.

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