Wednesday, February 6, 2013

4 Parental Sayings That Hurt Your Credibility

1. "I mean it this time!" (I'm guilty of this one!)
You mean it THIS time but not the first time? O.K, guess that means the first few times you said that was just a warning?

2. "Wait til your father gets home!"
This message clearly states their father has more authority than you.

3.  "OK, if you don't come with me now, I'm leaving you!"
You are not really going to leave your child in the mall (at least I hope!).  Threatening things you can't follow through on will sooner or later ruin your credibility.  You're child will figure out that you won't really leave him and starting testing your boundaries.

4.  "Because I said so!"
There are times when this is necessary but if we don't explain to our children why they can't have something we could be doing them a disservice and ultimately setting them up for frustration.

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