Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Letter From a 4 Year Old

Dear Mommy,
Believe it or not, I am simple.  I like singing. I like eating.  I like learning new things.  I get scared of the unknown but your arms and voice can easily calm me. When I'm scared or frustrated and you begin to yell at me it makes things worse.  I want you to love me.  I know I can be frustrating at times but all I really want is your love and acceptance.  I know I tell you I don't want your kisses but the truth is I really do. I know I tell you that I don't want your rules but I like them because they let me know that I am safe and that you care about me.  I know I am loud and hard to please but I've only had 4 short years to learn to problem solve and find out who I am.  I am learning what my voice sounds like, how people respond to me, how things work and what I like. I know you always tell me how easy my life is but my problems seem as big as yours in my little world.  You might be scared of losing your job but I am scared of getting lost in the supermarket. You may be stressed about how to pay your bills but I am stressed about how to be a "big girl" like everyone says I should be when I really just want to stay a baby.  If my sister makes fun of me it really does feel like the end of the world.  My sister is my world.  I know it's so hard to remember what it was like when you were 4 but try to remember that I'm just new to this world and it will take me many years to learn all the life lessons that will help me solve my problems. 

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