Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5 Ways to Squeeze In Fun During the Last Days of Summer

1.  Take a moon walk.  After it gets dark, take a walk with your kids and talk about the moon, stars, and fireflies. 
2.  Water Fun.  I know getting wet can seem like a big hassle but kids love it!  Take a few hours, put your bathing suit on and let loose a little with a sprinkler or water balloons....the kids will love it.
3.  Ice Cream.  Try a new ice cream shop in your area and take a taste test to see what the best ice cream shop is in your area.
4.  Surprise Adventure.  Blind fold the kids and take them somewhere fun like the neighborhood firehouse and give them clues about where they might be.
5.  Outdoor movie.  Many of the parks in my area are offering outdoor movies through September for free.  Check out your local township websites to see what they offer.

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