Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's Just a Test Drive...

Today I woke up with anxiety and I was feeling completely overwhelmed.  I started the list in my head of things I needed to get done in 24 hours before the kids come back and the list was so overwhelming.....I had no idea where to start.  I walked outside to realize that it was a gorgeous, beautiful day but my thoughts about what I needed to get done forced me back in a dark and lonely place. 
I should be enjoying this day....what is wrong with me???
After a few hours of feelings sorry for myself (and driving around to yard sales aimlessly to avoid all the things I needed to do) I called my friend and began sobbing...
"I am SO overwhelmed! I need to buy a bed for Jax TODAY because she keeps crawling out of her crib and I don't know how to take the crib apart!  My house is a mess so I need to clean it!  I have so much work to do on my business!  My car keeps having problems and the dealership down the street is offering great deal so I have to go there and buy a car today.  I am FREAKING out!"  My logical and realistic friend says, "WHAT!? What the hell are you talking about?! First of all, go to the dealership and just take a test drive! You don't have to buy the car, just take a test drive! Calm down!"

Just take a test drive.  Hmmmm....

Then my friend starts talking about a problem she was having with a new boyfriend of hers.  She wanted to figure out if he was marriage material.  "Relax" I said, "Just take a test drive!"

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