Friday, July 25, 2014

Leaving a legacy of kindness

What kind of legacy do you want to leave on this world?

If I were to pick my legacy, I would want others to say that I was kind, loving, and passionate person.  I don't need to save lives or be a Mother Teresa, but I want to be known by my little gestures.  I want to be someone that touches people's hearts and is a good listener.
How often do you have the opportunity to help other people?  We go on living our busy lives forgetting that so many people are hurting-the person in the check out line in front of you, the mother that didn't hold the door for you while she was rushing into preschool, maybe even the Pastor of your church the seems to have it all together.  What can we do to help those people? How can you make a difference in this world?  When will we realize that this life is bigger than just ourselves.  There are times when I become so self centered that I don't even take the time to ask someone what's on their mind, if they are OK, or how I can help them.  We think people are out to get us and take everything personally.  We get so wrapped up in our own lives and problems that we don't simply take a moment to question what's going on in someone else's life.  We worry about the legacy we leave on Facebook or how we look on Linked In but what about the legacy on

When someone in your life gets angry, why not take a moment to ask them if they are OK?  Why not ask someone if they need anything from the grocery store to church or drop off a meal to someone who is struggling?  It doesn't take much time to make someone smile and make this world a better place.  What legacy are you leaving behind?

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