Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to feel fresh and fab this summer!!

Summer is such a fun time to let loose and get inspired with fun sundresses, hats, sunglasses, and bathing suits.  But for many moms, shedding the clothes and buying bathing suits is simply dreadful.  SO, how can you enjoy the summer fashions without feeling uncomfortable?  Here's an article showcasing the most flattering beachwear for your figure.  Also, I suggest having fun with accessories....not only will this draw attention away from your trouble spots but it will be something that you can keep wearing even into the Winter months.  Here are a few ideas for you...

All of these items can be purchased by clicking here.

ALSO, I have to tell you about this cool campaign that is being run by If you want to save money and buy some great new summer fashion musta is a new platform where you can buy gift cards to your favorite brands at a discounted price, and sell your unused gift cards for cash!  From Forever21 to Kohl’s, they have gift cards to meet all your fashion needs. Check them out!!

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