Friday, December 24, 2010

FOCUS FRIDAY! Last Minutes Ideas to Make the Holidays Fun with Family

Christmas eve and Christmas day can get pretty crazy with little ones.  Here are a few ideas to entertain the kids and make the holiday special for you and your family!

In home Concert.  If your child is learning an instrument, make a new tradition for them to play their instrument for relatives during the holidays.  This works out great because it makes them feel proud and shows off their new talent (plus all that money you've been dishing out actually pays off!) Many teachers have been teaching Christmas songs this time of year making it perfect for your little one to show off their talent on the holiday.

Find a new Christmas movie.  There are so many on t.v right now that finding one your child hasn't seen should be pretty easy! 

Sing christmas carols together.  Ask your child how many Christmas carols they know and challenge them to learn a new one. 

Take a ride to look at holiday lights and listen to Christmas music. Maybe even bring along a little hot cocoa for the ride!!

Create a last minute message from Santa for your kids (or spouse).  This website is so cool! It is free and it only takes a minute to complete.  Check it out!

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