Friday, December 17, 2010

My Goals for the New Year

As you all know, I love goals!  The new year is so great for looking inward, evaluating, forgiving, and starting over.  I love coming up with new ideas of what I'd like to do and then making a plan to make it happen.  In addition, I like to feel the excitement related to meeting those measurable goals. 

My goals for the new year are...drum roll please...

Have Baby #2! That's right! We are expecting our second child in July 2011.  My goal is to have a healthy pregnancy and enjoy time alone with Sienna as much as I can! Also, not gain as much weight as I did the first time and not get fat in the face. Uh...I mean eat healthier this pregnancy and continue working out as long as I can!  Then once the baby arrives, enjoy having a family of four and all the amazing things about having a newborn! 

Anyway, we are SOOOO excited to have a new addition to our family (but of course a little scared!) I told my husband i was pregnant by writing "Baby #2" on my belly with Sienna's soap crayons!

He was so excited! Then, we told my family at the Thanksgiving dinner table and we told my husband's family by dressing Sienna in a big sister shirt!  Everyone was excited!  Been pretty sick but it seems to be getting better this week (thank the LORD!) 
So, here are my goals related to pregnancy and home life.
                           1.  Make 3 healthy homemade dinners a week
                           2.  Include veggie and fruit snacks into my day
                           3.  Drink water
                           4.  Register for Zumba Class
                           5.  Spend a lot of quality time with Sienna before the baby arrives
In addition, I plan to get a house cleaner and get more organized (Isn't this on my goal list EVERY year!?!!? Argh!)

Of course, the above goals tie into my personal goals (especially from a health perspective).  In addition, I am going to continue seeing my awesome therapist and read the books that she recommends (I REALLY need to do better at this one!)  I am going to volunteer in our community and give back through an organization called Cuddle My Kids (helping other moms who are going through chemotherapy).  Finally, I want to stop being a codependent crazy lady and let go of other people's issues that have absolutely NOTHING to do with me!

I love being a stay at home mom, however, I realize that it won't be forever.  Once my children are in school (which will be here before I know it!)  I want to have a career that I enjoy and feel proud of. I really think that teaching is the way for me to go for me and I'm going to take steps to look into programs in the next 6 months.  In addition, I plan to write to magazine publications (one magazine a month) to get exposure and a possible writing position.  I want to make more money for my household so we don't have to worry as much (and I can afford that house cleaner I so badly want!)

4.  FINANCIAL GOALS.  Well, luckily for us, my husband is very good at our finances.  He calls the cable company and credit cards often and follows up on all the medical bills, etc. Thank God he does this because I am not a number person and would have it all screwed up.  However, my goal this year is to be more involved in the budget and set up some organization (thinking of buying Quicken....anyone use this?)  Also, we started our daughter's college fund but we need to put money into it and get our credit assessment.

I have researched many different goal setting ideas and websites and they all seem to have these things in common. 

1.  Set sharp, clearly defined goals you can measure.
2.  Write your goals down.
3.  Take baby steps toward making them happen (time lines help with this!) so you don't get overwhelmed.
4.  Give yourself a pat on the back when you've made progress and let go of self criticism if you fall behind!

Join me in setting up and achieving your goals for the new year.  Feel free to share any ideas or goals with me along the journey!

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