Friday, December 3, 2010

Toni's Wish List

1.  Just Dance Wii Game
I love to dance and Sienna is starting to really enjoy dancing with me too.  I would love to get this game and play it with family and friends!

2.  Donation to a Charity
This year I asked family and loved ones to make a donation in my name to The Ronald McDonald house.  I truly feel blessed with having so many blessings (both material and non material) and really don't need anything.  As you all know, I have a spot in my heart for children and would feel so wonderful if I could help give a child in need get something special on Christmas morning. If you are interested in donating to a charity but not sure which one, check out this awesome site for all you need to know http://www.http//

2.  House Cleaning gift certificate 
I would LOVE, LOVE to get a house cleaner for just one thorough cleaning of this house!!

3.   Shared book
This is a product that turns my blog into a book....How cool is that?

4.  Canvas on Demand 
I love preserving memories and I think these are awesome! (Just be careful if you are thinking of adding an addition to your family soon, you may want to wait on the family portrait!)

5.  Polaroid Instant Analog Camera 
I never have time to print out the gazillion pictures I have stored on my laptop! I would love to be able to print pictures fast and easily.  Of course, don't forget the paper!

6.  I Tunes gift card  I never feel like I can buy music for myself, however, I absolutely love music and I'm always wishing I had some more on my docking station. 

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