Sunday, May 15, 2011

Focus Friday! Transition From One Child to Two...oh no!

Sorry this post is a little late but better late than never! Life is getting a little crazy with a toddler and one on the way.  I seem to be slowing down quite a bit as I am now 30 weeks preggos!!  I am so ready for this baby to come but there's lots to think about! Going from one child to two children is quite an undertaking but I'm looking forward to it! 
Sienna is now 27 months (2 and 1/4!) We're trying to figure out when to tackle potty training and moving to the "big girl bed".  Of course, I have procrastinated both of these tasks but now seems to be the time we need to bite the bullet and "get er done"!  So, this weekend we are going to be painting Sienna's new room and start cleaning out the closet to get things organized.  My hubby bought some new furniture for her room and luckily he is really talented at refurnishing (so it saves us some money!)
Here's a sneak peek at the "BEFORE"

I will be sure to post some "AFTER" pics as well! 

So, the next step is getting Sienna into her big girl bed, then I might tackle potty training after we get back
from vacation (I figure there's no use to go there before our trip to the beach!) I have been starting to really be affectionate and clingy towards Sienna knowing that I won't have the time for her once this new baby comes.  I feel bad that she won't be my "baby" anymore!  I know she will be fine but of course I am probably more upset than she will be!

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