Sunday, July 3, 2011

Simple Sundays! 3 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to Enjoy Dinnertime!

1.  Engage children in decision making and meal preparation when possible.  Kids of all ages love choices and feeling like they are a part of the process.  When a child reaches 2 (or older), they can begin to help with stirring the food and smelling the food cooking.  As they get older they can help with picking out recipes, helping at the grocery store, and even preparing foods.
2.  Make dinner time a pleasant time by keeping conversations light and fun and also not allowing disrespectful behavior.  Try to avoid too much talk about work or adult gossip and remember to include the kids in conversations.
3.  Start a tradition.  In our family we have a special plate that we use for when a member of the family has a birthday, receives special recognition for something, or worked especially hard on something positive. 

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