Thursday, September 29, 2011

Managing Your Pictures

If your like me, you have trouble managing your pictures!  I manage to get them onto Facebook but then they sit on my computer and never make it into my albums or given to family members (that have been begging you for copies!)  Here are a few tricks that I've found from organizing gurus and a special coupon code for you!
1.  Make a commitment to order pictures or print them once a season (or year) depending on how many pictures you take!
2.  Quit procrastinating! Either order one of those great photo books (I like Snapfish but there's plenty of other sites that are great!)  or order the pictures and IMMEDIATELY put them into a scrapbook.
3.  Make it fun!  Have some friends over, do it with your kids, or take a night to yourself with a glass of wine and go to town! Instead of thinking of this project as a chore, enjoy the trip down memory lane and have fun!
4.  Save money! What better way to enjoy scrapbooking than to save money?  Here's an awesome deal:

Get 100 4x6 prints for $1, 200 for $2, or 300 for $3

Use coupon ALLPRINTS100, ALLPRINTS200, or ALLPRINTS300 to until October 5
on your Snapfish order!

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