Friday, October 7, 2011

What Can Steve Jobs Teach Us?

What a week this has been!  My sister found out 2 weeks ago that she has thyroid cancer.  I took her to her doctors appointment this week to see an oncologist and thankfully found out that her cancer is small, easily removable, and a less than 1% chance that it has spread.  Hooray!  What a relief!  But of course with these kinds of experiences, we realize how precious life is and we are reminded to embrace all the wonderful moments!  Then, the passing of Steve Jobs brought many facebook posts quoting his amazing messages about embracing life, enjoying your job, and pursuing your passions. 
As (moms and as women), we have so many opportunities to pursue our passions.  We sometimes get mixed up and think that our children are our ONLY passions but that is not true! We still have our own goals and passions and we need to figure out what the world is needs from us.  Everyone has something to contribute to the world and has a reason for being here!  What is your reason for being here?  What is your passion?
If your struggling, take 5 minutes every night to write in a journal about what inspired you!

Then I thought about writing an article about what Steve Job's messages can teach our children and this author beat me to it (and it's an awesome article!)

Whatever inspires you, take a little time each day to make it a reality.  This will not only help you to fulfil your dreams but also is the best way to teach your children to make their dreams a reality!

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