Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How Do You Show Your Child That You Love Them?

I like to be honest in my blog so I will be honest and say that I thought about this idea when I was in marriage counseling.  My husband and I were in a rut and having a really difficult time.  The marriage counselor suggested we tell each other what the other person did every day what made us feel appreciated (i.e. sex, cleaning the house, giving the other person a break, waking up with the kids in the morning, etc.)  This was eye opening to me because some of the things I thought made my husband feel appreciated weren't at all what he wanted.
The same can be said for children.  We do so much to make our children happy but do your children know that you value and appreciate them?  Sometimes it's important to tell your children the things that you do to show that you love them.  Children often realize that kisses and hugs show love but they may not understand that even timeouts or punishments are a way of showing you care about them by teaching them right from wrong. Ask your children what you do that makes them feel special? You can also tell them what THEY do that makes YOU feel special!  The result could be eye opening!  Give it a try!

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