Thursday, November 3, 2011

6 Great Tips for Setting Technology Boundaries with Your Family (and yourself!)

Here are 5 great ways to set boundaries with your family when it comes to using technology in your home.
1.  Put your phone in the trunk of your car.  Tempted to look at your phone while driving?  Take away the temptation by putting your phone in your purse (or diaper bag) and placing it in the trunk.  Then, you will not have the temptation to be distracted!

2.  Cell phone basket.  Set rules for your children's cell phone usage by setting phone times and having your children (including yourself!) turn your phone off and put it in the basket while spending time with the family or doing homework.  This is such a great lesson for your family to learn to focus!

3.  Checking Minutes.  How many minutes has your child used this month on his phone?  Is he using it when he is supposed to be sleeping at night?  Set a limit and make sure you (or your child) checks with the cell phone carrier to make sure you are within the limits!  If neccessary, mark it on the calendar as a reminder!

4.  Prioritize quality time.  Do your children feel like they are the priority when you are playing with them or spending quality time or do they think you are most interested in the person you are texting?  Put your cell phone away and let your children know you want to be with them!

5.  Use a TimeScout ( - A device that helps you to track your children's use on t.vs and computers.

6.  Be Present. In our society today, it's so easy to get distracted from what is important.  No one knows what tomorrow will bring, so turn off distractions and turn on your presence.  And the best part?  Your children might follow your example when they are alone (IE.  not texting while driving!)

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