Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Conquering the After Holiday Clutter

If you are like me, you have a difficult time sitting down to relax when the room is covered with toys or in disarray.  So, the holidays definitely bring some added clutter (to say the least).  Here's what you should do..

If you have time off from work (or your husband has time off work) take advantage of the time to spend with family.  Stop thinking about what you need to put on Craigslist, what you want to give to Goodwill or where you're going to find a home for all these toys.  Instead, put a dent in the organization, but use the majority of your time to enjoy time with the kids, spouse, or yourself!

Day Off (Scenario 1) 
Spend 4 hours organizing, trashing, and going through toys
Make lunch
Watch a t.v show
Spend 10 minutes playing with your children
Start laundry
Start dinner
Build resentment

Scenario 2
Spend 2 hours going through toys
Delegate some work to spouse or kids
Get a pedicure
Play with kids for 1 hour
Start dinner

Scenario 3
Spend 1 hour going through toys
Throw the rest of toys in the basement (out of sight, out of mind) and worry about it later
Play with kids for 1 hour
Lunch with a friend
Spend 1 hour going through toys with help from kids/spouse
Start dinner

What scenerio works best for you?  What are your goals for the day? If your goal for the day is to completly reorganize the toy room than Scenerio One is probably the best (minus the resentment) but if you are trying to spend time with the family or get some needed time to yourself than DO IT!  Now is the time!  Don't worry...the pile of toys will be there later!


  1. going to say #1 but love the throw toys in basement idea - now just to get that playroom in order down there! www.thatsmykindofparty.com

  2. You sound a lot more organized than me Merideth! Thanks for the comment!