Friday, December 9, 2011

Here we go a charging, a charging, a charging....

My husband and I were talking about Christmas the other day and he said, "well, you know we're up to close to $1,000.00 on Christmas already"  I said "no way! I have been so good about finding deals and spending wisely!"  Then it occurred to me (after I added everything up) that he was right!
I bought tickets for Disney Princesses on Ice with Sienna. I thought I was spending wisely because the coupon was for $18.00 each but when you add the fees, parking, and food....we could easily spend $100.00 on the entire thing.  Then there's the presents, I don't have a large family but I really thing we need to start doing a Pollyanna because that ended up being about $500.00.  Then there's Christmas cards, stamps, pictures with Santa, Christmas tree, wrapping paper, appetizers for Christmas eve (and of course stocking stuffers!)  All of these things wouldn't be a problem if it was in our budget but we did not put away money in a Christmas savings account and we go charging.
SO, maybe I'm not the best example of how to save money this holiday season but what I am learning is how to place more importance on the true meaning of Christmas (spending time with family, looking at Christmas lights, and watching great Christmas shows) and less importance on Santa, what the Jones' have, and what people will think of me.  Next year, I will try to spend wiser and remember that spending quality time with the people I love is what matters most!

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