Thursday, May 22, 2014

4 Clever Ways to Tell Daddy You Love Him

Do you want to do something special for the man in your life this Father's day without spending any money? Let me tell you a can be just as sappy as women and really LOVE homemade gifts!  So, here are some gift ideas that they can use to brag to friends and also cherish for many, many years!

1.  Make a special sign.

2.  Make a song devoted to Dad.

3.  Make a skit.
Have your kids tell their Dad how much they love him by re enacting some of the great things he does (funny jokes or how he laughs really loud for instance!) They can even dress up in some of his clothes!  Then, make a video of the skit!  This will be a blast to create and also fun to share with friends and family!

4.  Make coupons.
What could be more thoughtful and fun than making coupons for Dad! Encourage your children think of all the things that Dad likes (massages, playing caatch, help with cleaning, or even cooking his favorite meal!) and let him cash them in whenever he wants. 
If you're feeling really inspired, you can even create coupons with your child's picture!


  1. Cute and easy ideas. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. we made this t shirts many years ago: each shirt has a word: happy father's day ! so there's one for me, two kids and the dog. then on the back we spell out his name. we wear the shirts every year. now that the kids are OLDER, i'm wearing someone else's shirt because the kids have grown and the cat is now wearing the dog's shirt.

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