Thursday, May 9, 2013

Attention Humble Moms!

Another Mother's Day is going to come and go and millions of mothers out there are going to let it pass without REALLY thinking about their value!  It's almost expected that mother's say, "Oh, I'M not a great mom!" or "Oh, I don't really do THAT much!" but the truth is accepting praise isn't a bad thing!  Usually, Moms think about all the mistakes we make instead of remembering that we created a human being! After all....we BIRTHED a  PERSON!!! In addition, we are raising them! We make sure they are safe, cared for, use manners, are kind to others, go to school, put on their seat belts, brush their teeth and on and on....yet we underestimate all that we do!!  Here's the thing that so many women don't's not egotistical or selfish to acknowledge your accomplishments (f you go door to door holding up a sign it might be a little different) but accepting gratitude and being proud of your accomplishments is important and necessary! So, this Mother's Day, I challenge all you humble moms out there to take a minute to acknowledge all your hard work and allow someone to make you breakfast in bed without feeling guilty!!

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