Friday, June 7, 2013

10 Ways to Raise a Prince Charming

1.  Marry Prince Charming or spend time with good male role models.
2.  Pull the car over and share the appreciation of a beautiful sunset so he will also appreciate beauty.
3.  Don't worry about spilled milk, show more appreciation than frustration.
4.  When he makes mistakes, remind him how he's overcome mistakes before and ask him what he can do to better the situation.  Tell him you make mistakes often.
5.  Turn off your phone and spend quality time with the people that matter most...your prince.
6.  Catch him doing something nice and act like he just he just invented the light bulb....children pay attention when things are dramatized.
7.  Tell him you love him....every least once every day!
8.  Give him words to articulate his feelings and ask him how he feels.
9.  Teach empathy and model patience. This balance can create empowerment and productivity.
10.  Finally, teach him that rescuing the princess is actually MEANS sharing life with an amazing person that loves and respects you.

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