Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tough Mother....I Mean Tough Mudder!!

This weekend I survived the Tough Mudder....10 grueling miles of hills in Northeast, PA coupled with 13 crazy obstacles.  Aside from childbirth, this was the hardest thing I have EVER done (including my black belt test....shhhhh...don't tell me sensei)  But this was really the coolest thing I have ever done!
I originally signed up for this race so that I would have something to train for (and make me commit to working out) before bathing suit season rolls around. And honestly, as a single girl, the thought of thousands of strong, muscular men covered in mud climbing walls and ducking under barb wire was a perk ;)....But I didn't expect it to be so fun. I asked my Mom to take care of my girls for the day (and honestly she had a tougher day than me!) and I got in the car heading for the hills of Schnecksville, PA. 
This is me in the car ride heading to the Mudder!

My adrenaline was racing from the moment I got there and when the announcer gave us an amazing
motivational speech about never giving up and doing this for our wounded veterans, I knew that I was hooked into this "Tough Mudder thing".

One of the toughest obstacles of the day...
Mt. Everest

Who says mommy's can't have fun???
Yes, that's me jumping in the air!!


By the time I finished, I had made new friends and definitely a new perspective that didn't just stay on that beautiful mountain in Schnecksville, PA.  I began teaching my daughter about never giving up.  I told her the story about how scared I was when I was getting ready for the race but I didn't give up.  I taught her that mommy's can be strong, brave and do things for other people who need help ( she's only 4 so I didn't explain the whole veteran thing). 

The next day I went out with my girlfriend for dinner.  I was covered in bruises...but still had a bit of a Tough Mudder body!  I'm pretty sure I'm a mudder for life.   


  1. Yeah you! I've never seen pictures of the race, just heard that it was TOUGH.

    1. thanks Barb! It was awesome! Are you in for next race???

  2. No, I didn't have the tougher day - mine was fun too and I also got to have a feeling of great accomplishment - knowing I raised a daughter with such determination!