Monday, August 4, 2014

Why I miss being a wife

My life has been pretty crazy over the last few years since my divorce but I'm finally getting back on the right track.  Being a single parent has taught me a lot of things that have made me a better person overall.  Not only have I learned some hard knock lessons along the way but I've also had some great experiences as well... 

I've invented a new contraption that allows me to catch dead mice...
I've made a new car purchase all by myself...
I've learned to ask for help.  I've learned to not take life so seriously.  I've learned to not judge other parents. 

 I'm so thankful for these experiences but I'm ready to move on.

 I miss marriage.  I miss having the traditional family unit.  I miss asking my husband to slow dance in the kitchen and listening to him tell me about his day after work.  I miss giving him the "special plate" because he had a tough day or got a promotion.  
I miss waking up next to someone I love....

I miss wearing my wedding ring.  

I miss that annoying sports center jingle on ESPN (I never thought I'd say that)

I miss acting stupid about house repairs..

I miss folding down the covers on his side of the bed 

(my daughter's unicorn doesn't appreciate my attentiveness)

I miss putting out his coffee cup in the morning. 

I miss holding hands.

I miss being in the passenger's seat and not being in charge every single minute.

 I miss going to church and having someone by my side.
I miss celebrating anniversaries and finding clever ways to say I love you.

I miss the comfort of knowing someone so well and having them know everything about you...the good the bad and the ugly and still they enjoy life by my side.

I miss knowing that someone is thinking of me even when we can't see each other... 

I miss making him sigh because I'm talking to much while he's trying to focus on something.

I miss having someone tell me I'm doing the right thing when life hands you those REALLY tough decisions.

I miss someone knowing my crazy family (and loving them anyway).

I miss watching my wedding video and looking at my wedding pictures with pride.

I miss doing rock, paper, scissors when I don't want to take my daughter back to her room for the 15th time.

I miss sharing in dreams about vacations to Greece or retirement homes.

I miss waiting for someone to get home on those long days when the house seems dark and quiet.

I miss someone telling me that I'm being over-dramatic when my emotions are out of control.

I miss folding his laundry. (I know, what am I saying?!?!)

I miss having history with someone and saying "Remember when..."
I miss  
Life is crazy sometimes and we all experience loneliness in different capacities throughout our lives.  I know that someday I will meet Mr. Right (hopefully soon!) but until then 
I will hold onto my sense of humor and enjoy learning about the only person that can truly make me

Does this make you laugh, make you cry or inspire you? 
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  1. I am sorry. There are lots of things to miss. : (

    1. yes, but lots of things to cherish as well!! I will appreciate it when it happens again!

  2. I have to say this made me take my husband less for granted!

    1. thats nice to hear Reesa! thanks for the comment!! Hope you have a fabulous day!

  3. I agree with Reesa above. This made me stop and think about some of the things I take for granted as a married person. Looks like you're doing a great job--being a single parent is a tough and often thankless job.

    1. awww! THanks so much Beth! I really appreciate it!