Friday, September 5, 2014

How to make money using Facebook yard sale sites

Facebook yard sales are a great way to generate extra income (and make me feel less guilty about my Starbucks treats!)  There's something totally satisfying about getting rid of junk and also putting some money in my pocket, however, sometimes it can be more work than it's truly worth.  Here's how I have found success while using online yard sales with my 3 step approach...

  1. Get ORGANIZED.  
  • Take pics using smart phone (I don't think I would even try to sell online if I couldn't do it this way!) 
  • Only post a few items at a time.  I have found out the hard way that posting a lot of items at the same time can get really overwhelming and confusing.  I know it's tempting to post a lot when you're on a roll...but I find it's easier to tackle a room or 2 at a time.   
  • Use porch pick up.  I have found porch pick ups to be a LIFE SAVER! Instead of trying to arrange meetups with people, I simply leave it on the porch and forget about it.  Be aware that many sites do not allow you to post porch pick up upfront but you can send a message to someone inquiring privately.  I know many people who also leave items at someone else's house (like a mother in law's house or something)  Of course, just like anything, be careful and use your best judgment.
  • Post seasonable items.  Post the next season's items at the end of a season. You'd be surprised how often these sale seekers plan for the upcoming season.  This actually works perfect if you're going through end of season clothes and want to take inventory for yourself for the upcoming season.
  • Take good pics.  There may be times when you just want to get rid of stuff and don't want to take the time to make them look nice. But if you do take the time, you will increase the chance of getting a better price.  For example, I have satin hangers that I use often (hanger on the right) Not sure why I didn't use both here, but you get the idea!) that I use to take pictures of many of my girls clothing. It looks better than just thrown on the floor and gives the buyer the impression that you probably take good care of your items.
2. Assign items you're selling online to a designated area after you post it (very important).  Pick a place like a closet you never use or a box under your bed while the items are still listed.  I find it helpful to put things somewhere easily accessible than putting it it in the attic or basement where they might get lost.  I use the bottom of my extra closet (not in a bin) so that I can see the items and grab them if someone wants to purchase.

3. DUMP.  Send unwanted items to Good Will RIGHT AWAY.  I have a ONE week policy.  If something doesn't sell in a week, it's gone.  This tip goes for real yard sales as well.  If you have a real yard sale, schedule someone from a charity like Purple Heart to come pick up your items that night or the next day.  Don't bring anything that doesn't sell back into your house!!  If you don't have someone coming to pick up your unwanted items, at least put it in your trunk (so it forces your to get it out of your house and off to Goodwill!)

Another important factor is to track your time.  If you're spending hours trying to sell a $10 item (or getting completely stressed out) perhaps your time could be spent more efficiently.  Think about the big picture and weather it's really beneficially for you and your family.

Gotta run! Time to make some money!! PEACE!

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