Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Terrific Tuesday: Why I love our Mommy/daughter dates

When you're a single mom these moments don't come often enough. My days are too often spent trying to pay the bills, getting 2 kids baths (and fed) while attempting to spend quality time.  Then the house is suddenly dead silent (and I miss them like crazy!) But every now and then I get a moment like this when I realize my baby is growing up and this moment is what matters most. 
I strongly suggest any single parent (or married) to make sure you have dates with your kids...the 1:1 interaction is what they will remember for years to come. They may not remember where or when but they will remember that THEY matter! 
PS. Sienna got tired of sitting at Starbucks 2 minutes after this pic so we took a ride through the country and I let her pick what roads we took! I ❤️GPS and I ❤️my little girl!!

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