Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why women who know when to shut up have more successful relationships, marriages, and careers

I have to admit. 
I often talk WAY too much!
  Just yesterday I told my coworkers I thought I was coming down with something (really, did they really need to know that?  Now they are going to start thinking THEY are sick!)  Sometimes I will share personal financial concerns to people that aren't close friends which I'm sure creates uncomfortable situations.  Of course, they may tell me that they understand and try to comfort me and make things seem not awkward but the truth is that my problems aren't something they need to worry about. 
I have come a long way.
It's important to me that I not place my burdens on other people.  Of course, there's a time and a place to talk to my friends about my challenges or something that's bothering me but I need to be careful about the timing and the people I chose to share information.  I have come to realize that even my kids will feel the effect of my big mouth if I'm talking about adult issues or financial stress around them (I never talk to them but sometimes they may hear me on the phone or talking to a grown up which is not ok). 
The problem is that when we share our problems with others, they immediately feel sorry for us or want to understand why we are telling them about your issue.  Even though we may just want them to listen, they feel like they are taking on our problems and that's not really fair. 
I'm sure you've had this happen to you before.  You've come across someone that begins telling you about their problems and you walk away feeling confused or worried about them.
Do any of you have this problem?  Do you ever talk too much or get frustrated when someone is sharing too much information with you?


  1. Big mouth, yes I do. I'm learning to shut my trap too. But it's nice to have the blogging outlet to help focus the communication in a positive way. It's good to share, but some details are worth leaving out!

    1. Right!? Thanks for your comment!! Have an AWESOME day!