Friday, March 11, 2011

Focus Fridays: Finding the Joy in Pregnancy

You may have wondered why I am half way through my pregnancy and haven't talked very much about pregnancy.  The answer is simple.  I don't love pregnancy!  I am 23 weeks pregnant with my second little girl and we are very excited, however, I have to admit I find pregnancy less than thrilling!

Normally, I consider myself to be a confident woman but when it comes to pregnancy, I really struggle with feeling attractive!  I am someone that normally likes to eat a lot but also works out hard to keep the pounds off but when I'm pregnant I feel a lack of control.  I picture in my head that a cute pregnant woman is one that is perfectly skinny and looks like she swallowed a beach ball like this

But instead, I am growing at an alarming rate in every direction, my face is breaking out, and I DO NOT feel cute (hence the reason I have not posted any baby bump pictures!) and I often wonder why every pregnant woman looks cute but me?!  Then, I feel guilty for not enjoying this wonderful blessing that's been given to me that so many women which they could experience.  I want to enjoy pregnancy and feel that too much to ask for?

Do you feel the same way?  If so, join me in my challenge to start enjoying this beautiful process!  I consider myself to be an optimist and want people to feel good after visiting my site, so in an effort to prevent destroying my marriage and friendships (just kidding....sort of) and to keep from going insane....I am starting my journey in learning to appreciate this special miracle inside me. 

SOOO....Let's get started!

Here are a few FUN pregnancy websites that I have found to be uplifting!  If you're tired of the same old pregnancy sites that tell you what medicines your shouldn't be taking and what to expect when your expecting....blah, blah, you might enjoy these sites that offer a little more fun!

Evil Genious Woman - This site has funny pregnancy t-shirts to make you smile!

Rent Maternity Wear - If you are planning on atteniding a nice function while your pregnant, this website could be perfect for you!

Pregnancy Fashion  I really enjoyed this site for maternity fashion ideas and also love checking out what pregnant celebs are wearing!

Baby Gaga - This site offers clever and fun ideas as well as great ways to connect with other woman who share your birth month.

I don't have an i phone but if I did, I would totally download these apps! Check out these recommendations for cool pregnancy apps!

Bottom line, no matter how much weight you gain or what you feel like, being pregnant really is a beautiful thing! So, why don't you join me in making a pack to start enjoying all the little things that are beautiful about pregnancy? .
Here are a few to start..
  • Being able to blame your flakiness on "pregnancy brain" and/or your moodiness on the hormones!
  • Being able to eat more (including having cravings for yummy foods that you MUST have the second you want it!)
  • Having people smile at you more and hold the door for you!
  • Getting more affection from your partner (take them up on those food rub offers!)
  • Bigger boobs (this is a big one for me since I normally don't have boobs!)
  • Feeling those cool movements in your belly and trying to figure out what body part it was!

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