Friday, April 29, 2011

Focus Fridays! What Can We Learn From the Royal Wedding?

I have often thought about how ridiculous the princess fairtales are for children and I have wondered how I'm going to raise two daughters to be focused on things other than beauty and not think that a perfect prince charming will sweep them off their feet and make all their dreams come true.
 Some of these princess fairy tales seem so hokey to me so I like to also teach  my daughter about trains, cars, and how things work.

Balance can allow us the freedom to enjoy many different parts of life.  Focusing on physical beauty all the time is a bad thing but teaching our young ladies that true beauty is about kindness, respect, simplicity, and generosity can be a good thing.  So, what can we learn from a princess?  We can learn good manners, being kind to others, extreme focus, proper care of your belongings, and of course watching the wedding today, a chance at unconditional love and faithfulness.

I know many people think that William and Kate's royal wedding affair seems way over the top (and perhaps it is) but one day of pomp and circumstance for a couple that seems to be truly in love seems like a great thing to me!

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