Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toddler Tuesday! 3 Steps to an Easy Morning

As toddlers begin to go through the independent stage, (you know, "Me do it!" "I got it Mommy!") they become a little more difficult to get ready in the morning! Here are a few ways you can avoid these morning struggles.

1.  Prepare in the Evening.  First, get mentally prepared the night before of what the morning will look like, what you will give your child for breakfast, etc.  Lay out your toddlers clothes the night before eliminating the temptation for them to want to go through their closet and pick out their outfit.  If you'd like to give them some choices then let them pick out their socks or a choice of only 2 shirts that you already have out.  Make it simple for you and for them!

2.  Wake up earlier.  I know, as if you don't already wake up early enough, right? Even though it's hard to drag yourself out of bed, it will pay off in the long run.  Although you can't give your toddler complete independence, letting them try to do some things on their own is an important part of their learning process. 
Also, getting up before your child is awake and maybe even having some coffee and can be especially helpful to mentally prepare yourself before the craziness begins.

3.  Stick to a routine.   Routine is so important for toddlers.  Try to be consistant with meals, t.v, and a morning routine as much as you can and most importantly be consistent MOST of the time with any warnings you give.  At this stage, it's helpful if your child learns when you really mean the word "No" or when it's OK to challenge you a little.

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