Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simple Sunday! 3 Easy Ways to Get Your Family Focused!

My martial arts training has given me many tools to make my life easier and happier. Learning to focus effectively has helped my relationships, my work life, and even my health. Here are a few easy ways that you you can provide your children with an environment that is less distracting and more productive.

1. Provide a simple environment. When children are really young, their playtime is their learning time. If we allowBold them to completely focus on the activity they are doing, they will be more creative and learn more from what they are doing.
Have your children take out a certain number of toys at a time so they are less overwhelmed. (Of course, this also helps make clean up easier!) Be realistic and take into consideration their age and abilities. Use your awesome motherly intuition to figure out how many toys are too many. Watch your child intently to see if they seem overwhelmed and adjust accordingly.

Wondering how to get your teen to focus? Limit thier temptation to socialize with friends by keeping the phone in a certain place where you can see it such as the kitchen counter. However, don't forget to let them have it when they need their socialization time!!

2. Turn off the t.v. Creating an overstimulating environment will make it harder for children to focus in quiet areas (like the classroom). Make it easier for them to focus on whatever it is they are doing such as family dinner, homework, playtime, or reading by turning off the t.v.

3. Avoid giving your children too much caffeine and/or sugar. Giving a child a lot of sugar or caffeine and then expecting them to focus and be in control is not really a fair expectation to ask of your children. Giving them healthy snacks instead will make it easier for them to focus and sit still.

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